Planted in a bed for years, steady yield in low gears…

At the end of last year we completed the mixing of a new song called “Save Yourselves (He Said)“. The song features Mattias Sundqvist on lead vocals and Nik Bjerre on drums. The song is now up on the website’s music player and the lyrics have been posted under WORDS.

Many thanks to Mattias for another great vocal performance on this one. The man was putting so much into the vocal performance by the end of the session he had stripped down to the waist! OK, it was a pretty hot day as well.. 🙂

Big thanks also to Nik Bjerre, not only for the great drumming but for remixing the track to give it the big sound that a rocker like this deserves.

Save Yourselves



There could be things to do…

Delighted to announce that the new Song Yard track “Waiting For You” is now up on YouTube for public consumption. Track and video have both taken a long time to complete and it’s probably our most international effort so far. The song was written in Vietnam a few years back but only put on tape after we relocated to India. The vocals were recorded in New York by our good friend Daniel Morrow. The drums were recorded in London by Nikolaj Bjerre and the guitars re-recorded in Sweden at nLightStudio in Älvsbyn, Sweden. The song was mixed in India with a final mix undertaken in London by Nik Bjerre.

The video was filmed in New Delhi, India (with Shakti Gupta) and in Luleå, Sweden (with Ingrid Pettersson). The link to the video is at the bottom of this blog entry.

Updates to the rest of the Song Yard web-site have been postponed while we look for a new web-developer. In lieu of updates to the lyrics page, we have posted the lyrics on YouTube. In lieu of an update to the credits page, credits are listed below:


Lead and Backing Vocals :  Daniel J Morrow

Drums :  Nikolaj Bjerre

Guitars, bass, additional backing vocals :  The Song Yard

Voice-over during intro :  Pham Thi Xuan

Vietnamese guitar into :  extract from traditional Vietnamese song “Ly Con Sao” performed by unknown guitar player in Ho Chi Minh City. Recorded by the Song Yard, 2011

Final mix and mastering :  Nikolaj Bjerre


Him :  Shakti Gupta

Her :   Ingrid Pettersson

Filmed and edited by :   The Song Yard

A very big thank you to

Dan Morrow, Nik Bjerre, Shakti Gupta, Bali Kumar, Ingrid Pettersson, Maria Dickson and Nguyen Le Hieu.



A quick update on ‘Yard work:

Vocals for a new song titled “Save Yourselves (He Said)” have been recorded with Mattias Sundqvist who featured on “Inger’s Garden“. The session went great and hopefully the mix of the song will be finished soon. This one is another rocker!

Shooting of the video for “Waiting For You” has now been completed in Luleå, Sweden. The video is currently being edited and should hit YouTube in early October. Befitting for the theme of the song and the way it was put together the video is set in the contrasting worlds of Old Delhi in India and the glass and steel environment of a modern Swedish town centre. Filming of the Delhi section was completed in March just before The Song Yard moved base-camp.


APRIL  2014

After 3 years in India, the Song Yard has now relocated to the cooler climes of northern Sweden. Before leaving Delhi a visit was paid to the legendary emporium of classical Indian instruments , Rikki Ram. (George Harrison got his sitars here in the sixties).

We didn’t leave empty handed … a beautiful swar mandal has now been added to the Song Yard armoury. Hopefully this wonderful instrument will feature in one of our tracks soon.

Swar Mandal










Very happy to announce that we finally finished a new song called “Waiting For You“. We are delighted with the finished product and big thanks to Nik Bjerre in London for finalising the mix. As mentioned below this song was recorded in London, Delhi, New York and the north of Sweden and it took a long time for it all to come together. To celebrate the song and help it reach as many listeners as possible Song Yard will make a video for it.. watch this space.



The video for our new song “In Confidence” has been posted to YouTube.  The video was a lot of work so it’s great that we’ve received mucho positive feedback so far.

Here is the link:

Enjoy and play loud! 🙂

Video notes:

Video shot and edited by The Song Yard. Filmed in Delhi. Special thanks to Bali Kumar, Pete Widdrington and Maria Dickson



A quick update on the ongoing ‘Yard-work, since the completion of the Inger’s Garden song and video:

The recording of a new song “In Confidence” has been completed. A video for the song is currently being put together in and around Song Yard’s Delhi base-camp. The video features the song lyrics, with each line being the subject of a different clip. As there’s quite a lot of words, it’s taking a long while to film! We are nearly there, so hopefully will be able to share the song / video with you on Youtube in about a month.

To paraphrase the movie industry, principal recording has been finished for a new electric guitar number called “Waiting for You“. Drums were recorded in London by Nik Bjerre and sound amazing. Over in New York Daniel Morrow sung his heart out to produce another great Morrow vocal performance. Electric guitars were recorded in June in the nLightMusic studio in northern Sweden, and involved a tasty original 1960’s Kent 6-string. Overdubs and mixing are now underway in Delhi and hopefully the track will be ready mid-Autumn.



Leave the devil by his shore

A year since the last blog post. Tut, tut, must try harder etc.!

Well, this post is to mark the completion of another addition to the ‘Yard. A little pastoral ode called “Inger’s Garden“. It features a few new things for Song Yard, including a tempo change, a classical guitar and combined male & female vocals. And a few botanical references for good measure. The track features Mattias Sundqvist on lead vocals and Ulrica Thörnquist on harmonies and backing vocals. Many thanks to both Mattias and Ulrica for their wonderful performances.

Liner notes

• The vocals were recorded close to Mattias and Ulrica’s home town of Luleå in northern Sweden.

• Vocals recorded by Jonas at nLightmusic.

• Drums were recorded in London by the mighty Nik Bjerre

• Alhambra classical guitar sourced from Montparnasse in Paris no less!

Video notes

Video by shot and edited by Song Yard. Filmed in Luleå (Långnäs) and Delhi.



A new blog post to commemorate our brand new song,  which comes complete with the first ever Song Yard video. The new song “A Place Where Love Is” was written a while ago but has taken a few years to reach its final recorded form. The song features the vocals of Andy Caine,  a London-based singer who last year graced many a TV set with his singing on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show. Andy has also recorded with a number of big-budget artists such as Westlife so we were very happy to have him on our song. He did an amazing job and really tapped into the lonely vibe of the lyric. Which incidentally started life somewhere near Junction14 of the A1(M).

A big thanks to Sean Hargreaves for his brilliant piano playing and to Nicolaj Bjerre for his great drum performance and drum mix. Also thanks to Carl Rohumaa for giving the mix the final shot in the arm it needed. We tried hard to get an early 70’s feel to the song which we hope you dig – have a few listens; it’s been a long road to get this baby finished but we think its worth it.  🙂

Lastly props to good friend Nick Johnson who put together the video over several long winter nights in old London town. Cheers Nick!


Hello and welcome to the brand new Song Yard website! Following the changes at Myspace, we decided it was high time to have a proper Song Yard site, free from lots of tacky advertising! To celebrate the launch of the site we have made a new song available for your listening pleasure; the pop-tastic “In The Stars“, sung with great panache by the talented Swedish vocalist Ms Ulrica Thörnqvist. Each song will play in its own pop-out player page, so we hope you’ll leave the music playing as you go about your daily web-browsing business 🙂